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Artists & Specialists

Here is a profile of some of the talented people and companies who have appeared on the Painted House!

Ritins Studio

The principal of Ritins Studio is Andrejs Ritins. Andrejs received traditional training in decorative painting and faux finishing in England. His school of decorative arts, established in 1988, conducts workshops, and has taught over 4,000 students techniques in decorative and faux finishing. Regular classes are held in Toronto, as well as individual classes in other Canadian and American cities. "Deco-tourism" is a term that was coined by Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper in 1991 to describe courses offered by Ritins Studio in castles, chateaux, and villas. These have included two courses in the Loire Valley of France, one in Florence, Italy, and at Toronto's own castle, Casa Loma. Introducing new techniques for non-toxic wall finishes and flooring has led to the formation of the Ritins Studio Series of products. The aim is to market the latest advances in water-based technology in the paint and coatings industry. Significantly, in the last four years, they have successfully adapted techniques from solvent based to water-based media. They are pioneers in this field. For more information you can contact The Ritins Studio by telephone at (905) 859-7633.

Dana Mackimmie

Decorative Painter

While studying decorative arts at Sotheby's Institute in London, England, Dana was introduced to decorative painting and faux finishes. She was instantly enthralled. After many courses by Jocasta Innes' Paint Magic in England, The Finishing School in the U.S and Ritins Studio in Canada, she got tired of trying to convince family members to let her paint their rooms. Dana hung out her shingle, and ran a successful business teaching others about faux finishes. As well, she was commissioned by private homeowners to update their rooms.

Dressler Stencil Company

Dressler Stencil Company, manufacturer and distributor of Jan Dressler Stencils, is the recognized leader in elegant laser-cut stencil designs. These are quality stencils with easy to follow instructions and a resource guide covering all the basics of stenciling, mural building, and much more. How-to videos, paints, and Dressler stencil brushes are also available.

To order, you can visit their website at Call them toll free at 1-888-656-4515. You can also write to them at:

Dressler Stencil Co.
253 SW 41st Street
Renton, WA, USA

Surface Solutions

Surface Solutions Venetian style plaster products are the same old style, rich looking and feeling finishes used in the construction of the most famous Historic European buildings. They are the official products used throughout Italy to restore their public monuments and buildings, having spent considerable time on the research of color schemes and finishes. The authentic finishes range from the smooth Venetian style to the coarsely textured aggregate finishes. All of the products age with grace and beauty over time to give each installation its own spacial character. Their address is.

Surface Solutions
2018 Ranleigh Ave.
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4N 1W9

Larsen Feng Shui

Consultations and workshops for business Home and office consultations by appointment only Corporate learning modules for cutting edge business success Colour and application theory - Feng Shui for the garden. The learning center is situated on the shores of Lake Manitowabing, in northern Ontario, Canada. For more information please look them up at, or e-mail at: consulted in episode 118 - Now & Zen.

Deborah Goldsmith, Donna White - Off the Wall

Off The Wall is a decorative art company, based in Montreal, Quebec. The company's' principals Deborah Goldsmith and Donna White have combined their artistic talents to offer some interesting alternatives for both residential and commercial decor - specializing in murals, trompe l'oeil and faux finishes.

Donna White has been teaching decorative art for the past 8 years and began publishing art instructional materials several years ago.

Deborah Goldsmith began painting several years ago, concentrating primarily on furniture. Her style and interests however, quickly gravitated towards murals and trompe l'oeil.

Deborah and Donna first began working together in 1998 on a voluntary project for the Ste. Anne Veteran's hospital in Ste. Anne de Bellevue Quebec. In collaboration with several other volunteer artists, many murals of varying themes were painted to brighten the otherwise stark hospital walls. They succeeded in bringing the outdoors inside for patients who rarely got a chance to leave the hospital.

Following many requests to paint murals in private homes and businesses, Deborah and Donna decided to launch Off the Wall. Murals and trompe l'oeil are quickly gaining popularity as an alternative to framed art, in both the residential and commercial environment. Faux finishes are a wonderful alternative to wall coverings as there are an infinite number of color and pattern combinations to personalize any room, and can be more cost effective in the long run. Any of these wall treatments such as murals, trompe l'oeil and faux finishes can be tailor made to suit any style or budget.

If you would like to see more work by Off the Wall, you may visit their virtual portfolio at

You can contact Donna or Deborah via Email at: or

Deborah Goldsmith
Tel: 450-458-4044
Donna White
Tel: 514-696-6120

Special Note: The mural created for Charles and Nathalie also included the artistic efforts of Sharon Harwood. Sharon is a talented freelance decorative artist and was an appreciated member of the Off The Wall mural team.

Sharon Harwood

Sharon Harwood is a Montreal based artist who specializes in quality hand-painted furniture. She works from her home-based studio in Pierrefonds, and enjoys designing and painting to suit a client's specific needs. She is especially known for her work in trompe l'oeil, scenery, and realistic wildlife.

Tel: 514-620-5979

Penelope Stewart

Expert in silk-screening as seen in The Mod Squad

Penelope Stewart
1400 Dupont Street, #206
Toronto, ON, Canada
M6H 2B2
Tel: 416-538-4589
Fax: 416-538-8247

Tennille Designs

Expert in decoupage accessories As seen in Glorious George. Inspired by different regions of the world, interior decoration accessories company Tennille Designs offers screens that are both functional and elegant, as well as a variety of other beautiful home accessories.

Tennille Designs
2375 Ekers Street, Suite 300
Town of Mount Royal, QC, Canada
H3S 1C6
Tel: 514-343-9594
Fax: 514-343-9594

Huntsman & Sons, Inc.

Henry Huntsman established his tailoring business in the West End of London in 1849 as breeches makers and sporting tailors. The unique excellence of their tailored clothing lies in Huntsman's distinctive method of constructing their garments which involves having teams of tailors who are specialists in individual operations. Huntsman has the single-minded attitude towards craft and style, securing the company's reputation for providing that unique look of understated elegance for which they have become famous.

Huntsman & Sons, Inc.
11 Savile Row
London, England
Tel: 44 171 734 7441
Fax: 44 171 287 2937

Teatro Verde

Experts in Home furnishings and accessories as seen in episodes Show Time 1and Show Time 2.

Teatro Verde
Hazelton Lanes, 87 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5R 3L2
Tel: 416-966-2227
Fax: 416-966-2227

Torlys Inc.

Leaders in Specialty Flooring as seen in episodes Anne Klein Office Cafeteria, Bamboozled.

Tel (Toll Free): 800-461-2573
Tel: 905-612-8772
Fax (Toll Free): 800-461-5220
Fax: 905-612-9049