Rustic Kitchen 



    • Dark brown oil paint
    • White oil paint
    • Paint thinner
    • Glazing liquid (oil-based)
    • 1/2" masking tape
    • Rag
    • Bottle Cork

    Getting Started:

    RECIPE FOR COLOURED GLAZE: 1 part paint, 1 part paint thinner,
    1 part glazing liquid

    Place 1/2 inch masking tape in horizontal lines across the entire wall, about 6" apart. The effect will be more realistic if the lines are irregular and not perfectly straight.

    Make both a brown and a white glaze. Pour a small amount of each onto 2 separate plastic plates.

    Dip a cloth into the brown glaze, and pull it across one of the taped-off areas, creating patterns like those found in wood planks. Look at an actual piece of wood for reference.

    Dip another cloth into the white glaze and pull this through as you did the brown glaze, though only in certain areas. Play with the glaze, adding it and wiping it off, until you get the effect you want.

    To simulate a knot in the wood, dip the end of a bottle cork into the brown glaze, and stamp it where the pattern is darkest. Make very few knots, as too many will make the finish look artificial.

    Remove the tape as soon as you have finished, and touch up any places where the paint has leaked under the tape using a clean rag. Leave the wall to dry.

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