Zen Den #43



    • Slats of lattice, pulled apart or slats of wood of the same size  painted black
    • Rice paper
    • Latex paint
    • Finishing nails
    • Exacto knife
    • Staple gun
    • Small jigsaw
    • Set square

    Getting Started:

    Measure the width and length of the window you will be covering.

    Cut 2 slats of wood a bit longer than the length of the window, and 2 slats a bit longer than the width of the window.

    Set these out on your work surface, and align them to form a rectangle or square. Nail the slats in place - check that the angles are all 90 degrees by using a set square.

    Find the center of the frame's length, as well as the center of the frame's width, and mark them.

    Place the vertical center slat, and secure in place with finishing nails. Ditto with the horizontal center slat.

    Add as many slats as you wish in the same manner, to form a simple grid forming squares no smaller than 6" x 6".

    Flip over the frame. Starting from one side of the frame, place a length of the rice paper over the back of the frame. Attach it with a staple gun, and trim off the excess by cutting along the center of one of the slats with an Exacto knife. Repeat this process until the back of the frame is neatly covered with rice paper. Turn over.

    Once the whole piece is finished, paint over the nail heads with black paint.

    Hang to cover the window.


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